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Hello, My name is Max, and I have been working as a tour guide for more than twenty years. I am from Rome, and I am specialized in private tours.

In My tours, I will offer a complete view of Rome, being informative and fun, Lectures will be done only if asked.

Dates, names will be part of the tour but you’ll be not overwhelmed by it. anecdotes and legends that will be part of the tour, the roman life will look real to us; remember you are on holiday, that means relax and fun; maybe with a Cappuccino or an Ice Cream for you and your family.

I’m waiting for you

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"We had an evening tour with Max and a half day tour. I was traveling with my husband and 2 teen age daughters and he was so knowledgable about the city. He made our visit to Rome so memorable, we LOVED the night tour especially!"

Jessica Lee
"We would never have thought that Rome at night could have been so different and intriguing. But Max designed a tour unique to us and brought to light many sights and taught us much about some of the political and and artistic developments in both ancient Rome and the renaissance periods. He built on what we knew and greatly expanded our understanding of Italian history and culture. Simply put. Max is not only an exceptional guide but also a quality human being. We would not hesitate for a moment to engage him again!!"

Jack Dawson
"We really enjoyed the tour. Max was very knowledgeable and we learnt a lot about Rome. However you end up a long way from where you start and have to find your own way back. Worth doing though."

Marie Argeris

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