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Mercedes E-class

Mercedes E Class sedan

The Mercedes E Class is a comfortable sedan which, Mercedes says, can accommodate four passengers plus driver. In reality, it's ideally comfortable for 3 people plus driver or even for four people if at least one of them is a child. The trunk is fairly large, but in the past there have been cases in which the luggage of 3 people hardly fitted in it. So unless the group of 4 includes at least one child, it is preferable to you the minivan to tour with 4 people and for transfers.

Obviously the cars is equipped with air conditioning, but what people really like in this car is its sun roof through which one can see all around and on above when sightseeing.

 Mercedes E-class Mercedes E-class

Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente

Feel at home - even on the road.
Want to set the world at your family's feet and give them plenty of legroom at the same time? You can, with the Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente.

The Ambiente is the new benchmark for it's class.

One of the nicest things about travelling is arriving relaxed.
And the Viano's smooth ride, dynamic performance and luxurious comfort features help you to do just that.
It accommodates 7 passengers plus driver, but please don't exaggerate with luggage! You sit higher up then the other cars and that's ideal for sightseeing you can see over the tops of the other cars or the parapets of bridges and such.

Separate air conditioning, front and rear, provides good comfort for all of the passengers.

Mercedes Viano
Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente Mercedes E-class

Mercedes Benz 15/19 seater minibus

Comfortable vehicle for large groups.
15 or 19 seats versions Ideal for city sight-seeing and for excursions.

Luxurious comfort features, rides very smoothly and silently.

Its equipped with air-conditioning, seat belts, hi-fi audio and microphone

for the guide. Two different versions to accommodate 14 or 18 passengers

plus driver, plus guide but please don't exaggerate with luggage!

Ideal for city sightseeing, excursions and shore trips.

 Mercedes E-class Mercedes Benz 15/19 seater minibus
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