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Welcome to my country tours page !


Most of the people who come to Italy visit Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Positano and Amalfi on the southern coast. When they decide to spend some time in the countryside they go to Tuscany. Most visitors also think that one or two days are enough to see Rome, they rush through the city's major highlights and the Vatican and leave without knowing what they're missing!

People should spend more time in Rome and venture out in the countryside. Fortunately for the tourist who ventures out in the Roman countryside today, will have  the incredible of being the first one to discover the places he visits. In fact Rome attracts millions of tourists but very few take the time tour its countryside. The few who do, travel to the most famous of the attraction in the countryside such as Tivoli, Ostia Antica and/or Castelgandolfo and yet, in spite of the fact that these places are world famous they find an unexpected tranquility and a feeling of relaxation when they get away from the crowded metropolis and visit these places. But there are a lot of very, very interesting places just a little further away from Rome which are absolutely deserted by mass tourism and often going to these places on has the unexpected surprise of being the only one there!

We'll take you on these excursions in a nice, fully air conditioned, Mercedes "E-class" sedan, ideal for parties up to three people or even for four people if at least one of them is a child or for larger parties, up to seven people, we'll take you in the comfortable "Viano", the minivan made by Mercedes.

For even larger parties, up to 18 people, we will use a minibus. There will be a driver who'll be responsible for the minibus and one of us will only act as a guide and walk with you inside the sites to visit and narrate while driving on the bus or walking the streets. 

We will meet you at your hotel and take you for a half day, for the full day or multiple days if you like.

You may also stay in a nice hotel in the country, usually a lot less expensive an roomy than a hotel in Rome and travel to a different place each day.

We do not have preset itineraries, we can tailor your tour according to your desires. The itineraries you'll read about here below are just suggestions.

During the excursions we will frequently stop and get out to visit the sites or just briefly to take a picture and a better look than you'd get from inside the car.

We can promise that you'll see more than you expect to see!


The ruins of Ostia Antica


Half day tours in Rome's countryside, 4 hours.

We'll meet you at your hotel and take you on one of the following excursions of your choice:



A half day in Tivoli, visit of Villa D'Este. You'll  visit the sumptuous residence of the Cardinal Ippolito II and you'll walk around the evocative streets of medieval Tivoli and take pictures of the castle. If time allows it, on the way back,  we'll drive by the quarries where the Roman's used to dig the Travertine marble, with which they built the Colosseum and the rest of Rome, or we'll visit Hadrian's Villa.


Ostia Antica
One of the most interesting excavation sites in Italy, located just a few miles outside of Rome, the ancient port of Ostia will take you back in history to the days of the splendor of the Roman Empire in Ostia. Very similar to Pompeii, Ostia is yet different. In Ostia you can really see how the Romans lived and worked, in Pompeii you can see how they vacationed! Ostia is not nearly as well known as Pompeii and you can stroll through it almost alone, away from the masses of large, loud, tour groups.


The Roman Castles

The beautiful hilly area south east of Rome known since the days of the Ancient Romans for the wine, the food and the good fresh air. In the Middle Ages the noble families of Rome built castles on the hills, but from the Renaissance they converted the castles into beautiful summer residences. The fact that the Pope chose the castle in one of the towns, Castelgandolfo, for his Summer Residence, tells a lot about the beauty of the place.

You'll visit these charming little medieval hilltop towns and you'll enjoy the panorama of the two volcanic lakes.

Wine tasting at one of the local wineries can be arranged also .

Castelgandolfo and the lake
Full day tours in Rome's countryside, 8 hours.

We'll meet you at your hotel and take you on one of the following excursions of your choice:


Tivoli and Subiaco

An unforgettable day in the country visiting two of the most famous sites in Italy, each unique in its kind!
Tour one of the most impressive ancient monasteries in Italy, the "Sacro Speco" founded by St. Benedict of Norcia, combined with a great lunch and the visit of Villa D'Este, the outstanding Villa built for the Cardinal Ippolito II D'Este in the 16th century and its famous park decorated with many spectacular fountains.

The tour includes a stop for an authentic lunch in a characteristic restaurant.


Tivoli and Ostia Antica
The two most visited places outside of Rome: Ostia Antica and Tivoli. We'll take you back in history to the the days of the glory of Rome in Ostia and than we'll show the pomp of Papal Rome in Villa D'Este. While Ostia rivals with Pompeii, Villa D'Este in Tivoli rivals with Versailles in France. Both places have a unique charm and you have the possibility to see the both in the same day. Your choice to have a nice lunch by the sea or on the mountain of Tivoli, fish or meat, but in any case it'll be a great one!


The Roman Castles and Ostia Antica

Some interesting places outside of Rome: Ostia Antica and the Alban Hills. You'll go back in history to the days of the splendor of the Roman Empire in Ostia, and you'll enjoy the fresh air in Castelgandolfo, a charming town overlooking a beautiful volcanic lake and seat for the Papal Summer Residence. Not too far from there, another quaint little town called Nemi, overlooking another volcanic lake, will conquer your heart.

The tour includes a stop for an authentic lunch in a characteristic restaurant.

Subiaco - the "Sacro Speco"
Subiaco the "Sacro Speco"
Villa D'Este in Tivoli
Villa D'Este, fishponds and Neptune's fountain 
Tivoli - Villa D'Este
Mercedes E-class

Mercedes E Class sedan

The Mercedes E Class is a comfortable sedan which, Mercedes says, can accommodate four passengers plus driver. In reality, it's ideally comfortable for 3 people plus driver or even for four people if at least one of them is a child. The trunk is fairly large, but in the past there have been cases in which the luggage of 3 people hardly fitted in it. So unless the group of 4 includes at least one child, it is preferable to you the minivan to tour with 4 people and for transfers.

Obviously the cars is equipped with air conditioning, but what people really like in this car is its sun roof through which one can see all around and on above when sightseeing.

 Mercedes E-class Mercedes E-class

Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente

Feel at home - even on the road.
Want to set the world at your family's feet and give them plenty of legroom at the same time? You can, with the Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente.

The Ambiente is the new benchmark for it's class.

One of the nicest things about travelling is arriving relaxed.
And the Viano's smooth ride, dynamic performance and luxurious comfort features help you to do just that.
It accommodates 7 passengers plus driver, but please don't exaggerate with luggage! You sit higher up then the other cars and that's ideal for sightseeing you can see over the tops of the other cars or the parapets of bridges and such.

Separate air conditioning, front and rear, provides good comfort for all of the passengers.

Mercedes Viano
Mercedes Benz Viano Ambiente Mercedes E-class

Mercedes Benz 15/19 seater minibus

Comfortable vehicle for large groups.
15 or 19 seats versions Ideal for city sight-seeing and for excursions.

Luxurious comfort features, rides very smoothly and silently.

Its equipped with air-conditioning, seat belts, hi-fi audio and microphone

for the guide. Two different versions to accommodate 14 or 18 passengers

plus driver, plus guide but please don't exaggerate with luggage!

Ideal for city sightseeing, excursions and shore trips.

 Mercedes E-class Mercedes Benz 15/19 seater minibus
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